When using the Email Account Manager, provided within the Hepsia Web Control Panel you will be able to efficiently be in charge of all of your current mailboxes, no matter how many sites you have. You can quickly filter e–mail accounts, start anti–spam, set email forwarding with a mouse–click and create filters for your mailboxes. Thanks to the auto–configure scripts, you’ll be able to instantly set up your mail client to function with just about any email address you have. And the latter is just a modest part of what the Email Account Manager can assist you with.


Designed to maintain spam faraway from you

Nobody wants junk e–mail inside the mailbox. Because of this, we have created a custom–made anti–spam solution based on expertly designed algorithms that filter out inbound electronic mail and hold the junk away.

You may choose between different degrees of security, subject to what sort of junk messages you have. At the same time, it is easy to specify a special level of spam protection for different mailboxes. Finally, you may choose what goes on to e–mails marked as spam – to be removed or sent to a specialized mailbox.

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Email Forwarding

1–click re–direction of emails

When using the Email forwarding tool, you can easily reroute all the e–mails delivered to a mailbox to an alternative mailbox that you pick (possibly hosted inside the same cloud hosting account or some other place on the Internet).

To forward an email, just choose it from the drop–down list and then specify the e–mail account you’d like to have all forwarded messages to get delivered to. Then, you are provided with the option to choose whether you will need a copy of each and every message to be held in the mailbox which you forward or not.

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Email Filters

Make specialized spam filters with ease

Email filters are a tool you can easily apply. They work in a simple way based on key words. All you should execute is just select the key words that you like the filter to work with and which area of the e–mail account these key phrases have to be found in such as subject line, message body, footer, etcetera.

One way you can use email filters will be to reroute all of the junk mail messages to some special directory. Then you can further indicate if you wish the filtered e–mail messages to be held in the directory (in order to determine if some message is sent there in error), it has to be erased.

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